Paint a pot

Paint a pot

Aside from its ceramics factory, showroom and the Warung Keramik café, Jenggala's headquarters in Bali offers visitors a unique experience to craft their very own ceramic creation. The Paint-a-Pot program provides a unique opportunity to explore your inner artiste and bring home a souvenir for friends, family or yourself; anyone can take part

Parking ?

Let's face it, parking around Bingin can be a challenge. so let's make it easy, here are the places where you can park your bikes :

  • Bingin Public parking (may need to pay a fee)
  • Susie's Bike Parking (fee may also be asked)
  • Most Hotel's and villa's should have parking areas (please ask them directly if they provide this service)

For Car parking, the easiest will be the public parking as it has the most surface area.

Please note that most of Bingin's access roads are small so it is forbidden to park along the street.

How can I join some Yoga classes ?

Here are some places where you can do Yoga : 

  • Mu's Hotel at 9:30am every morning
  • Swamis offers some classes.
  • The Temple lodge has Yoga classes too from 8am to 9:30am every morning
  • Villa's sometimes organise private yoga classes
  • please ask your Host for help finding a great yoga place, most hosts in Bingin will gladly help you :)
Sunset Yoga at Mu's Hotel

Sunset Yoga at Mu's Hotel